The Sungale cloud frame is an Internet connected digital photo frame that easily synchronizes photos from cloud storage to the screen of the DPF. Sungale’s Cloud Frame also provide diversifying selections to allow users to work directly on Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr, Picasa & Instagram etc.

The cloud storage of the frame is easy to be managed from different remote computers.

The Cloud Frame and its management portal website are simple and intuitive to use.

Every registered customer instantly gets free cloud storage space, amount varies from 5GB to 10GB by different cloud frame models.

You can create different photo slide-shows and chose which slide-shows to be displayed on your frame, plus you can edit and delete anything you want at anytime, you have absolute control. You can even control the settings such as slide-show interval, slide-show mode, etc. remotely for each frame.

So imagine this: you can set a frame up at your grandma’s house and push slide-shows to her frame anytime you want and also edit and delete those slide-shows remotely.

The Sungale cloud frame gives you the power to control and share your photos the way you want.

Sungale is a pioneer in digital photo frame industry, it has brought DPF into mass production. Now Sungale has released its Cloud Frame to bring new blood into the industry.