Sungale cloud originally is designed for supporting Sungale Cloud Frame to synchronize photos with customers’ photos stored in cloud. With the development of mobile internet, we have added new features to Sungale Cloud, the platform is diversified, now, even you can take the Sungale Cloud as an independent personal cloud storage portal.

You still can go to your computer to input to do Sign In, Sign Up for your cloud frame and to manage your cloud frames, and you will find the URL will automatically change to , now, a big improvement is that you can use your mobile phone to tap in to do Sign In, Sign Up and manage your Cloud Frames no matter where you are. Besides the operation on browsers, you will see Sungale Cloud Frame’s APP is improved too, you will find the app will be used not only for uploading photos to Cloud, then to your Frame, the APP will be used to do full function operation.

You can create different photo albums on the platform with using your computer or mobile phone, and chose the albums to be sent to your cloud frame to display the photos on your frame, moreover, you can edit and delete anything you want at anytime, you have absolute control. You can even control the settings such as slide-show interval, slide-show mode, etc.

The cloud storage of your frame is easy to be managed from your computer or your mobile phone.

The Cloud Frame and its management portal website are simple and intuitive to use.

Sungale provides 20GB free cloud storage to all his Cloud Frame Customers, and the customers can extend their cloud storage to any volume.

The Cloud storage is used not only for photo storage, you also can use it to storage any kind of your precious materials. You need not worry your materials may lose even when your device is damaged or lost.

Sungale is planning to open it cloud storage portal to the customers who did not buy a Sungale’s Cloud Frame so that more customers can take the advantages to use cloud storage. Please pay attention to our further notification.

The Sungale cloud frame gives you the power to control and share your photos the way you want.

Sungale is a pioneer in digital photo frame industry, it has brought DPF into mass production. Now Sungale has released its Cloud Frame to bring new blood into the industry.